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Playlist 12/20/14

Song Title
Album Title
Label & Catalog #
Bruce Greene
Jean Ritchie
Bruce Greene & Don Pedi
Sheila Kay Adams
John Roberts & Tony Barrand
Ralph Stanley
Joe Newberry
The Staple Singers
The Ritchie Family
Shape Note Singers
Singers at Ingbirchworth Pub
Kore Loy McWhirter
Texas Gladden
Bruce Greene
Sonya & Penny Seeger
Maddy Prior & June Tabor
Erynn Marshall
The Seeger Family
The Watersons
Riley Baugus
Betty Baker
The Cherry Tree Carol
Christmas Eve
Away in a Manger
The Coventry Carol
Bright Morning Star
Christmas Eve
No Room at the Inn
Brightest and Best
Star in the East
Hail! Smiling Morn
Witch of Usher's Well
The Three Babes
Old Christmas
Blessings of Mary
The Seven Joys of Mary
Old Christmas Morning
'Twas A Wonder in Heaven
King Pharum
Christmas Holiday
Five Miles of Ellum Wood
Stanger on a Mule
Christmas on the Mountain
Nowell Sing We Clear
Christmas Time with Ralph Stanley
Two Hands
Twenty-Fifth Day of December
Kentucky Christmas
Christian Harmony at Saint Johns's
A Peoples Carol
Come Near My Love
Ballad Legacy
Five Miles of Ellum Wood
American Folk Songs for Christmas
Silly Sisters
Shout Monah
Amertican Folk Songs for Christmas
For Pence and Spicey Ale
Life of Riley

Bruce Greene 01
Smithsonian Folkways 40145
Hazeldog 125
Pearl Mae/Granny Dell 006
Front Hall 013
Freeland 639
5 String 05003
Riverside 3513
Greenhays 70717
Saint Johns 2005
Leader 4065

Hazeldog 507
Rounder 1800
Bruce Greene 01

Rounder 0268
Shanachie 79040

Hickory Jack 003
Rounder 0268
Shanachie 79088
Yodel Ay Hee


Carolina String Band
Melvin Wine
Tommy Jarrell & Fred Cockerham
Gribble, Lusk & York

Joseph Spence
O.B. Jackson
Wilson Douglas
The Watersons

Baltimore Consort
John Prine
Woody Guthrie
Frank Petty Trio
Bob Dylan
Tony Trishka
John Roberts & Tony Barrand
Tony Trishka
Staple Singers

Put My Little Shoes Away
Cold Frosty Morning
Breaking Up Christmas
Christrmas at Midnight
Christmas Eve
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Cold Fosty Morning
Malpas Wassail

Przybielzeli do Betlejem
In dir ist Freuda
Christmas in Prison
1913 Masacre
Italian Christmas Bells
Arthur McBride
Christmas Eve
Last Month of the Year
Orrange Blossom Special
Hannah at the Springhouse
Tommy & Fred
Christmas Kisses
Black Appalachia
Rounder Christmas Album
Fiddle Tunes
For Pence and Spicey Ale

Christmas Carols
Bright Day Star
Great Days
Hard Travelin'
Good as I Been to You
Noel Sing We Clear
Twenmty-Fifth Day of December

Prestige/International 13026
Augusta Heritage 021
County 2702
Capital 91701
Rounder 1823
Rounder 3118
Rounder 0021
Wilson Douglas
Shanachie 79088


Folk 001
Dorian 90198
MGM K1 1629
Columbia 53200
Rounder 0354
Front Hall 013
Rounder 0354
Riverside 3513